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their best fighter jets. >> bret: denmark no, offense. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: what if? what if you enter another nation's civil war but you don't take sides and you don't really war at all and the dictator who must go won't go? stalemate? >> i think a stalemate is not in anybody's interests. >> shepard: so how do we break it? >> all ofs have you to continue to pressure on and deepen the isolation of the qaddafi regime. >> shepard: as the world increases the pressure, we are seeing signs that qaddafi's cough dants are starting to crack. call it plan b.
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if military power can't drive out qaddafi. maybe world leaders can make him an offer he can't refuse. tonight, the secret escape hatch that could let qaddafi walk free. plus why there might be a problem with any plan to start arming those rebels. tonight, talk of an al qaeda connection. but first from fox this tuesday night, the not war in libya could still end with muammar qaddafi living in exile, running from the country he has lorded over for four decades. that was the suggestion today from america's top diplomat. secretary of state hillary clinton meeting with dozens of people in london. dozens of u.s. allies that at least one libyan opposition leader. she discussed the coalition's goals for ending the not war. >> to urge qaddafi to implement a real cease-fire that is not going to be immediately breached by his own forces.
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to withdraw from those areas that he has taken by force. and to look for a political resolution which could include his leaving the country. >> shepard: this comes as a senior u.s. officials tells fox news that qaddafi's inner circle shows signs of, quote, cracking with some of his most trusted advisors questioning whether he can survive. that official also tells us that morale among the libyan troops is low. but the situation on the ground in the not war does not reflect that over the past 24 hours, colonel qaddafi's forces have made significant gains against the rebel fighters. those rebels advanced quickly over the last couple days qaddafi's hometown of sirte. rockets forced them to double back today, retreat. this despite the coalition firing 22 tomahawk missiles at a cost of $33 million. and flying more than 100 air strike missions over the past day. the coalition in this not war has now flown 850 missions with
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the u.s. flying almost half of them. but the rebels are clearly outgunned and now our top ambassador to the united nations says the obama administration has not ruled out providing weapons to the rebel fighters in order to remove the libyan leader muammar qaddafi from power. >> the president said last night that we'll provide assistance to the libyan opposition. that includes political and humanitarian assistance. but no decision has been made to provide military assistance. >> shepard: certainly haven't provided military assistance thus far clearly. no decision on this yet but ambassador rice and secretary clinton both say they believe it would be legal to arm the rebel fighters should we decide to do so. the problem is we still don't know who they are. or we know very little about them and just today the top u.s. and nato commander in this not war in europe warned that they could include members of al qaeda or hezbollah. we have team fox coverage of this not war. reports throughout that country and here at home, we begin with
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jennifer griffin at the pentagon. could would he be talking now about potentially arming terrorists? >> well, u.n. ambassador susan rice was clear that no decision had been taken but she also said that according to the u.n. security council resolutions that have already been passed that they leave that door open. take a listen. >> taken together, these two resolutions in our estimation neither authorize the provision of military assistance nor preclude it. >> now with rebels running out of fuel and running out of ammunition, getting pushed back reportedly from places like misurata and ras lanuf. the u.s. will come under increasing pressure to help the rebels, shep. >> shepard: we are getting these suggestions today now, jennifer, and i stress the word suggestions that al qaeda might have stolen some weapons from colonel qaddafi. >> well, this came out of a senate armed services committee hearing today. senator kelly iot of new
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hampshire asked the nato supreme allied commander about it he said he preferred to deal with that issue in a closed, classified briefing. >> we have seen flickers in the intelligence of potential al qaeda, hezbollah. we have seen different things but at this point i don't have detail sufficient to say that there is a significant al qaeda presence or any other terrorist presence in and among these folks. >> ambassador rice said that she had seen the same intelligence and that there was nothing conclusive to suggest that al qaeda was operating in libya. >> shepard: just those flickers? and we mentioned earlier that the secretary of state hillary clinton met with one of the opposition leaders today. do we have any idea who this leader might be or what they talked about? >> we know it was mahmoud brajil a former prime minister of libya. they met on the sidelines in
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talks in london. it was their second meeting. they are talking about next steps, whatever "next steps" may mean. they are now planning to send the former deputy chief of mission from the u.s. embassy in libya stevens to make contact with opposition in libya. >> shepard: according to the most recent reports from our government we're broke and this is getting expensive. >> it's true. and the pentagon has now put out some official figures. they say that the war so far, the first 11 days has cost $550 million. that does not include the downed f-15 fighter jet. that's another $31 million, bringing the total to $581 million so far and counting. and they are estimating that it will cost another $40 million a month as the months drag on. they also said that they do not plan to go to congress for another war supplemental. so they will use the current budgeting for this money. >> shepard: wow, the thought of just days seems like just days ago. jennifer griffin at the
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pentagon. thanks so much. update on a battle for a city that is both strategic and symbolic, qaddafi's hometown of sirte. it is a key government strong hold on the road to tripoli. over the last week the rebels say they have been closing in on it qaddafi's forces were waiting. [gunfire] >> the rebels put up a fight, we're told. but colonel qaddafi's army forced them back about 100 miles. they retreated. the rebels forced to regroup in the town of bin jawad several hundred miles from the capital. now they have to figure out their next move. team fox coverage continues. steve harrigan tracking the battle. he is streaming live from tripoli early this morning. they are calling it a tactical withdrawal. >> that's right. shepard. it seems both sides seem to fear using the words retreat but we have seen both sides retreat quite a bit. this time it's the rebel's turn. qaddafi forces were using missile launchers as well as tanks. and they really drove the rebels far back from sirte and also back from the next town as well
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bin jawad. it's clear that the rebel gains so far have been entirely dependent with air power. without that air power it's a real mismatch and that's what the battle we saw today proves. >> shepard: the leader of the united states continues to remind us we have not taken sides. they need to us further the air strikes on government positions. >> certainly they are calling for more air strikes. that's where it really gets complicated as the rebels do come closer to really qaddafi's home turf. his base where he is more powerful. and his base where he is more popular as well. air strikes on the city of sirte, where qaddafi does enjoy popular support would be a lot tougher to justify it would be hard to say that they are preventing civilians from being slaughtered. it would be hard to say that they are not taking sides in a civil war. >> shepard: well, people in tripoli are reporting some new air strikes there today, right? >> we heard for the first time some loud explosions during
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daylight hours. at least 22 cruise missiles were fired, some of those hitting missile depot just outside the city. we are also could possibly see some real powerful weapons introduced into the battlefield. the ac-130 gun ship arrived over the weekend. these are different kind of planes that do different kind of fighting. they fly low and slow and really for close air support. they don't drop bombs. they have cannons and machine guns. it's these kind of planes that really could be used around cities like sirte, shepard. >> shepard: steve harrigan live in tripoli, libya. thanks very much. very new developments now in the budget standoff in the safety wisconsin. after weeks of protest and political posturing, a judge has just made a major ruling and we'll get a live report on it next. plus, the last thing any pilot probably wants to find in the fuselage of a plane is a bullet hole. but now the fbi is investigating after a disturbing discovery on a u.s. airways jet. those stories and more from the journalists of fox news tonight on the fox report.
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>> shepard: a fox urgent from wisconsin. a judge has now ruled the state cannot enforce its new law that basically eliminates many union rights. the governor signed the bill earlier this month after weeks of protests at the state capital. but opponents are challenging n court and there has been a debate about whether that measure can take effect in the meantime. mike tobin with the brand new information from madison, wisconsin. mike. >> the judge has just issued an order saying that no further implementation of that controversial budget law can take place. now, that is a slap at governor scott walker and the department of administration which had already begun implementation of the law. democrats are very pleased with that order and they say it provides an answer to the question of whether or not this law is in effect democrats say the answer is no. >> now it, should be crystal clear to the governor and to the
7:14 pm
secretary of administration that they can no longer proceed and implement this law. >> republicans have a different take. they say judge's order only applies to parties on the lawsuit, specifically the secretary of state. so he cannot move forward. republicans, they say, aconsideredding to a spokesman for the department of justice will move forward with implementation of this law. because they believe since last friday the law was published in the legislative reference bureau. publication is the last step before the law goes into effect. republicans here in wisconsin believe the governor's controversial budget law is the law of the dairy state. shepard? >> shepard: mike tobin live at the courthouse. mike, thanks. right now the fbi is investigating a bullet hole in the fuselage of a u.s. airways 737. a pilot found that bullet hole yesterday during an inspection at charlotte douglas international airport after a flight arrived from philadelphia. we're told investigators have
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interviewed the grand crew in philly as well as passengers in charlotte. fox news has confirmed now that investigators have found a bullet but the source of that bullet is still a bit of a mystery. investigators describe the investigation as routine and not as a terrorism investigation. updates as we get them on the bullet hole that is routine. congress trying to get more answers about the military operation in libya, the house and senate armed services committee are set to hold hearings on the not war this thursday. lawmakers from both parties criticizing president obama for not getting the okay from congress before launching the not war. but the man who ran against the president three years ago is defending him. did so today on the senate floor. >> i think his actions were in keeping both with the constitutional powers of the president and with past practices. via president reagan's action in grey made da or president clinton's action in the balkans. had congress taken even a few days to debate the use of force prior to acting in libya, it
7:16 pm
would have been nothing left to safe in benghazi. >> shepard: remember, president obama mentioned the balkan when he spoke to the nation last night when making his case for this mission in libya. mike emanuel live at the white house. mike? >> shep, president obama used the balkan reference to reference speed how quick u.s. and allies responded in libya. a short time ago he spoke about the use of force. >> we believe that force should not be the first option. we understand the costs and risks involved in the use of force. we have to be prepared to take the necessary measures to uphold international peace and security and protect innocent people. >> last night the president made the comparison to iraq where he said regime change took eight years, cost thousands of american and iraqi lives and nearly a trillion dollars, which he says we cannot afford in libya. but the question many are asking is how far the administration is willing to go to push libyan leader muammar qaddafi from power. one former bush administration
7:17 pm
snyder says that may be the hard part since the international coalition may not go that far. >> the challenge that they have in the white house is to get from where they are to where they need to be which is qaddafi leaves power. >> in order to turn up the heat on qaddafi's regime. one expert says a lesson from history may be the techniques used at the start of another war the u.s. is fighting. >> afghanistan 2001 where western air power was juxtaposed with special forces and cia operatives on the ground who cuckoo do a lot of the targeting and then call in information in realtime. they were working with the northern alliance in afghanistan. they could, in theory, work with the libyan rebels. that's an escalation of the war that we haven't yet considered. >> and that would require u.s. boots on the ground, which is something president obama has said so far he does not intend to do. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel on the north lawn tonight. mike, thank you. some of muammar qaddafi's most loyal friends are reportedly having some doubts about whether he can hold on to his job.
7:18 pm
coming up, the internal fractures that could potentially break qaddafi's grip on power. and the plan to convince qaddafi to just leave. how about this? what if they granted him immunity from prosecution on all of the war crimes, which made us not enter the not civil war and not take sides against him? just let him go. no problem. might happen. but cascade complete pacs have 70% more tough food cleaning ingredients to get the job done. cascade complete. beyond your wildest clean.
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>> shepard: we all know the biggest wild car in the not war in libya is the eccentric and wild dictator muammar qaddafi. the end game could largely depend on whether he decides to pack it up and skip town. where would and even could muir
7:22 pm
maury qaddafi go? after all it's not like he could just hop a flight to miami beach. earlier today the secretary of state hillary clinton met in london with representatives from more than 40 countries and she made it clear that the white house wants the libyan leader out. but secretary clinton also emphasized that the ball is still in qaddafi's court. we believe he must go. we are working with the international community to try to achieve that outcome. he will have to make a decision and that decision so far as we're aware has not yet been made. >> shepard: it's not the goal of the not war and at the same time there is word that italy will spearhead efforts to get qaddafi to go into exile. "the fox report's" correspondent is with us. there is historical room to say this has been done before. but does anybody really think he is going to leave voluntarily and could we explain why it is the italians are so interested that he might. >> the italians have long
7:23 pm
colonial links, of course with libya. even their own foreign minister said today that there is no incident occasion whatsoever at this stage that qaddafi would accept any sort of exile deal. and secretary of state hillary clinton seemed to imply in her remarks today that this is more about coalition wishful thinking than any realistic prospect at this stage. listen. >> many of the nations that were here in london today are working together to try to gather information to share the impression each has with the conversations that are coming from tripoli and from those close to qaddafi about what is or isn't being considered. >> and secretary clinton refused flatly to be drawn into any sort of speculation on a time line for when and how this deal might be done, shep. >> shepard: if he were to go, where might he go? >> well, under the deal the italians are trying to put together, he would have to go to one of the few african nations among them ethiopia and somalia
7:24 pm
that do not recognize the international criminal court. that's because under this deal, colonel qaddafi would be guaranteed that he would never face trial for war crimes. and it's also important to note that if the u.s. signs off on this sort of deal, as they have indicated they would, colonel qaddafi would never face a trial over the bombing of panam flight 103 over lockerbie, shep. >> shepard: dripping with irony. thank you. more bad news on the american housing market today. new numbers show that home prices are falling in most marriage american cities in some cases to a level low nest a decade. so the standard and case schiller index. which notes another bomb like drop from december to january. the report indicates home values in atlanta, detroit, las vegas and cleveland have fallen the most to levels not seen since the dawn of the new millennium. prices in movies the other metro areas now hover around 2003
7:25 pm
levels back when the housing boom began. the only bright spot in this index is, of course, the nation's capital where home prices rose a modest 0.1%. keeping many buyers out of the market. it could become the largest class action lawsuit in the history of our nation, women taking their case against wal-mart to the supreme court. does the world's largest retailer discriminate? and what could this legal battle mean for other american companies? we're live at the supreme court and bottom of the hour headlines upcoming. troducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. welcome to the darker side of green. see your lexus dealer. how about a coastal soup and grilled shrimp salad combination? or maybe skewers of wood-grilled shrimp.
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>> shepard: time for a dress rehearsal at nasa. the astronauts of space shuttle endeavour arrived in style today to go over preparations for next month's scheduled launch. can you see the commander there mark kelly. he and his crew will spend time practicing emergency procedures in just about everything leading up but not including liftoff.
7:29 pm
the shuttle endeavour is scheduled to launch on the 19th of april and if it stays on schedule, "the fox report" and i will be packing up and heading down to the cape to cover it all live. i'm fired up about that couple of hundred of miles from earth. nasa reports it will try to gain communications with the mars rover spirit. they haven't heard from it in more than a year. they will take one more shot at communicating before they give it up. spirit's exin twiewnt recovery is still running seven years after landing on mars. can you see it there perched on the edge of a creator created crater. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. u.s. navy ships refueling off the coast of libya so they can keep supporting coalition efforts in the not war. rebels have been trying to fight their way toward tripoli with help from nato air strikes but some are complaining that nato isn't doing enough.
7:30 pm
our senior correspondent rick leventhal has been following the opposition forces. he reported earlier today from the town of was ras lanuf. >> shepard, this gun truck has just rolled rolled into ras lanm bin jawad which is about 30 miles down this highway. that we're told, is where the front lines moved to yesterday the rebels had advanced almost to sitter. they have been pushed back to bin jawad. we are told the battles there are fierce and that's why these fighters are coming this way now. we have seen ambulances bringing wounded to ras lanuf to be treated and further down the road to benghazi. some of these guys are telling us what they really need are air strikes. they can't really retake any of these cities without help from above that once the nato jets take out the tanks and artillery and heavy armor, they are able to move in. that hasn't happened in sirte or in bin jawad which is why now many of these vehicles are heading this way. we have heard from a man in the center of this check point calling for people with arms to join him and head into the town
7:31 pm
of was ras lanuf because he says there are qaddafi supporter there's. they want to try to flush them out. the front line is fluid and so is the situation here in ras lanuf. shep? >> shepard: rick leventhal following those folks. and now word of possible cracks in qaddafi's inner circle. president obama confirming what u.s. officials have been telling fox news saying and i quote: i think what we are seeing is that the circle around qaddafi understands that the noose is tightening. that their days are probably numbered and they are probably going to have to think through what their next steps are. our national correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington. what are you hearing here. >> well, shep, a senior u.s. official confirms to fox that at least three factors are in play right now, morale among qaddafi's forces is extremely low. the libyan leader's all important inner circle. a dozen people or less may be questioning whether can he survive long term and qaddafi is increasingly isolated and dependent on his inner circle for information and support. this very issue is raised by senators earlier today. >> but there are persistent
7:32 pm
rumors that qaddafi really has very few friends and it's likely that at some point he will -- that they will crack and he will either leave, be killed, whatever. >> to what you just described, qaddafi cracking, i think that if we work all the elements of power, i think we have a chance at a more than reasonable chance of qaddafi leaving. >> one u.s. official cautions though that dictators are not rational actors and this kind of pressure could have the opposite effect, causing qaddafi to just dig in much further, shep. >> shepard: the officials are talking about a possible sort of tipping point, really that could force qaddafi to go. >> every situation is unique. but u.s. officials point to what happened in tunisia as a possible example. the protests there as you remember came out of nowhere. they grew exponentially while u.s. officials anticipated bin ali would try hold on power. he made a snap decision within the span of eight hours on
7:33 pm
january 14th. he was then on a helicopter and out of the country. the military was no longer with him nor the legislature nor his wife lay la who reportedly gathered up one and a half tons of gold and then hit the airport. so u.s. officials say this is an example of how the political dynamics, the impact of that inner circle can force a dictator's hand rather than the conditions on the ground, shep. >> shepard: all right, catherine herridge in washington. craft, thank you. current bill called a continuing resolution expires on the 8th of april. this is congress' sixth such emergency funding measure. they have been struggle glick to come to an agreement. the government has called for proposals in cuts. the democrat's plan calls for roughly half the republicans. today republican leaders accused the democrats of not being serious about making cuts. harry reid and chuck shuman said
7:34 pm
they are not going to be for cuts in spending. if that's the case they have to lay out a plan how they are going to sustain this type of deficit and the debt. you either cut spending or raise taxes. >> shepard: earlier today the senate majority leader says harry reid will not compromise because of that tea party. >> which is worse angering their tea party base or shutting down the government? threatening our fragile economy even more. the recovery right now is fragile, a shut down would make it really bad. >> shepard: however, senator reid signals he may be willing to accept some of the republicans so-called riders, provisions in the budget bill that include curbs on the environmental protection agency to help reach a deal. one of the employees lost a laptop that happened to contain the personal data of thousands of people who filed claims against the company. we're told the information belonged to about 13,000 people
7:35 pm
bp following the worst oil spill in american history. bp spokesman says the company does not have any evidence the personal information has been misused but it mailed letters to notify those involved of the situation. as of today, has paid out about 3. billion dollars to more than 150,000 people seeking claims. with, between the oil spill in the gulf, the earthquake in haiti, the wildfires in russia. 2010 was an expensive year for insurance companies. the insurance company swiss reinsurance reports the cost of cleaning up after the disaster's tripled last year from $68 billion in 2009 to $218 billion in 2010. mounting this year with the earthquake and tsunami. the japan nuclear crisis. the latest on that disaster is next. but, first a fox news weather alert. getting word of a tornado watch in parts of louisiana and mississippi. our meteorologist shay ryan in
7:36 pm
the weather center. enlighten us. >> we have a form that's starting to intensify in the last hour. we have had a report of a funnel cloud in louisiana. also reports of several reports of hail up to one and three quarters of an inch in diameter. again, this is very intense storm system. this is going to continue through tonight. we have got a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for parts of texas and then as we move to the stronger part of the system right now you can see that these solid counties that are highlighted in yellow are under severe thunderstorm warnings right now. but the watch box for tornadoes in red and then the severe thunderstorm warning to the north of that so, again, there is a chance not only for large hail but also for damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. now continue through about midnight. now as we head to the east coast we have got an area of low pressure that's going to be intensifying and possibly bringing 6 to 12 inches of snow to portions of the northeast. friday morning is when it will become most intense and it will start to move out by friday evening. the track of the storm and the
7:37 pm
temperatures are going to be what determines who gets how much snow but it looks like the coastal areas will see rain. we'll be right back with "the fox report" after this. copd makes it hard to breathe
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and a long-acting bronc, working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace st-acting inhalers and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're stl having difficulty breathing, take the lead. ask your doctor if includinadvair could help improve your lung funcon. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at >> shepard: it appears there has been yet another major set back in the ongoing nuclear crisis in japan. that country's prime minister today warned that the country is now in a state of maximum alert. this comes just one day after emergency crews found traces of highly toxic plutonium in the
7:41 pm
soil around the fukushima nuclear plant. in addition we're told poo -- potentially deadly radiation. they think it's through a floor and down to the concreted. the source of the leaning is really unknown. radioactive materials continue to flow into the sea as well. the situation still said to be highly unpredictable. inside the power plant itself workers are still purportedly struggling with two big problems. one pumping in clean water to keep the fuel rods cool. and, two, pumping out water that's already contaminated so the workers can restore electricity to the plant. our dominic di-natale streaming like from owe socca, japan with the latest tonight. dominic? >> yeah, the pond drenkd with all that water being dropped by helicopters and endless fire hoses shortly following the earthquake. we are heard that water is gathered in trench in tunnels 1, 2, and 3. so much radiation in that water if you are exposed to it for four hours straight, shep, you
7:42 pm
would be guaranteably dead within 30 days. it's an extremely dangerous job for the fukushima 50. the workers that has the task of trying to get this under control. their biggest concern right now is keeping the fuel rods cool. they are still struggling to do this after all this time. apparently the water keeps boiling off. they have to keep pouring additional water on to keep those from being totally exposed and causing a full meltdown. unfortunately the more water they add the more water that drains off. con tablement units full. see large amounts of radiated water spretiond outside the plant's perimeter. shep? >> shepard: dominic di-natale. thanks. causing huge troubles for carmakers in the u.s. officials from toyota are asking u.s. dealers to stop ordering more than 200 replacement parts that are made in japan. the company reports its inventory is adequate but that it wants to make sure the parts remain available and some ford and chrysler vehicle also not be
7:43 pm
available for a while in certain colors because the earthquake damaged a chemical factory said to be the only source for a shiny pigment in many car finishes. also today, honda temporarily cut production at its north american auto factories. officials say it's due to shortages of parts. you can find out how to help the survivors of the quake and tsunami on our web site information there on how to donate to several relief organizations. look for the how to help tag. the department of education today hit virginia tech with more than $50,000 in fines in connection with that 2007 massacre that left 32 people dead. department officials say the fine is for two violations of federal law. a law which requires timely reporting on -- of crimes on campus, the department found the virginia tech violated the law when school officials waited two hours to notify the campus after a gunman shot two students in a dormitory early -- on april of 2007. two hours later, the gunman
7:44 pm
killed 30 others. just after the school issued an alert. university officials say they will appeal. the retail giant wal-mart, the biggest of them all is now fighting what could become the biggest civil rights class action case of them all, ever. one that may end up costing the company billions of dollars. today, the supreme court heard arguments on whether the lawsuit should go forward. at issue, whether a group of women, who claim discrimination, can sue on behalf of every woman who worked at any wal-mart store anywhere over the past decade. shannon bream is live outside the supreme court building. shannon, the case started with just one woman. how big could this get? >> well, betty dukes is that won one woman. her years at wal-mart were getting paid less than the men and getting passed over for promotions simply because she was a woman. she says it's time on behalf of the rest of the women at wal-mart. some put that at 500,000 women. some put it three times that high.
7:45 pm
she had a couple of other women join her in this lawsuit. she spoke outside the court today. she said it's time for wal-mart to pay. take a listen. >> if you do wrong, then you should be held accountable from the least of us to the greatest of us. the law was designed for all of us. and not just for us aselected few. >> and win or lose, this case isn't over for wal-mart because even if they don't get class action status, many of those women say they are going to sue as individuals, shep. >> shepard: how is wal-mart responding here? >> well, first of all, they say they have a strict policy from the top down. no sex discrimination allowed. they say also it's not fair to allow three women to sue on behalf of women who may have no beef at all against wal-mart. here's the come's lawyer. >> it would be unfair to the women who work at wal-mart and it would be fair to the company to all companies in this country. >> and that is thish here because what's decided with wal-mart by the supreme court could impact every employer in the u.s., shep. >> shepard: shan knob bream live at the court. shap none, thanks. massive protests are becoming a
7:46 pm
familiar scene across the mideast. but today in syria, a major concession from the government is this real change or survival tactic? the eruption in that country still in the live report. plus, the italian prime minister seeking a star witness for his bunga bunga sex trial. kid you not. not pleased. [ female announcer ] it's lobsterfest.
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>> shepard: syria could end up becoming more dangerous than libya. that from someone who knows the region very well. the president fired his whole cabinet today and promising to give the demonstrators some of
7:50 pm
the reforms they have been demanding. the u.s. is condemning the syrian government for cracking down on the protesters there. human rights groups say dozens of people have died. today on the "studio b" the former cia middle east case officer bob baer told me the situation in syria scares him. >> syria, much more than libya, geographically snits a very sensitive area it shares a border with israel, lebanon, jordan as well as iraqi. now, what i'm afraid of is some sort of sectarian conflict going on which would be worse than the tribal conflicts in libya. you know, it is starting to look likened times out there in the middle east to me. i just don't see any happy news. i got paid to be a pessimist but it doesn't look good. >> shepard: as for syria's president firing cabinet and promising reform. bob baer calls that too little too late. reena ninan in our jerusalem newsroom now. reena? >> shep, for for three days now
7:51 pm
the president has been promising he will deliver a speech. he still hasn't. he is still a no show. when they start to feel pressure with these arab regimes they start to pull things out of the hat cabinet reshuffler. a complete rest session nation of a cabinet. as we have seen in tunisia and egypt, that isn't enough to appease the people. they don't want cosmetic changes, especially as they are rallying in the streets for freedom and for the entire assaad regime to fall. if assaad stays in power it will only be because of the security forces not because of concessions to the people. as long as his security forces remain loyal, everything stays the same. but there is some speculation that he may stay longer than people think. and he might continue to hang on to power longer there are two big concerns here. shep. the fact that thousands and thousands of people haven't taken to the streets in damascus as they did in egypt tahrir square. we have seen the leader of arab countries, saudi arabia, iraq, also bahrain and uae calling for
7:52 pm
assaad to stay in power. shep? >> shepard: reena ninan live in jerusalem. as you know the unrest in the middle least has had a big impact on energy prices. oil went up again today despite a report that suggests demand for crude could actually drop as the americans worry about the cost of food and gas. the cost of a barrel of crude up 80 cents in trading to settle just below $105 a barrel. an suv plowing into a flower shop. let's go across america. arizona. the truck slamming through the front of the place in phoenix. nobody hurt. but take a look here. the driver then backs up and takes off. he reportedly came back 15 minutes later and told police his vehicle's gears had slipped. the owner of that shop says it looked like a bomb exploded. >> the driver never apologized for what he did. it's heart breaking. he ought to be ashamed of himself. >> cops gave the driver a
7:53 pm
ticket. wisconsin, a hit and run driver escaping the scene of a crash in river hills by climbing on to a passing suv. you can see him here on this dash cam video clinging to the roof rack. police eventually took the 24-year-old into custody. ohio. 14 freight cars derailing in newton falls. one nearby resident says she was having breakfast when it happened. >> i heard bang and i went what the heck was that? authorities evacuated the neighborhood due to possible chemical spills but later gave the all-clear. florida. a new amateur video of a plane crashing into some water near an airport in st. petersburg. city official say the t-28 war bird reported mechanical difficulty then nose dived while trying to land, federal aviation officials investigating. that's a fox watch across america. well, word tonight of yet another tylenol recall. this time over some kind of
7:54 pm
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like that's easy. oh, it is. progressive direct showed me their rates and the rates of their competitors. i saved hundreds when switching. we could use hundreds. yeah. wake up and smell the savings. out there with a better way. now, that's progressive. >> shepard: it's bunga bunga time. lawyers for silvio berlusconi say they want the actor george clooney to testify at the prosecution trial. paying for sex with a then 17-year-old moroccan dancer known as ruby the heart stealer. the law firm representing berlusconi said the heart stealer had seen clooney and eye italian girlfriend at one of the parties. clooney tells sky news which zoned by the network. it seems odd since i have only
7:58 pm
met berlusconi once and that was an attempt to get aid into darfur. the bronx school zoo is still on the lookout for a deadly cobra. most likely hiding out in the reptile house from which it vanished on friday. no need to worry. someone posing as the 20-inch cobra has started tweeting its where abouts and amassing many followers. enjoying a cupcake at bakery. this is going straight to my hips. oh, wait, i don't have hips. another tweet, leaving wall street. these guys make my skin crawl. at last check snake had more than 75,000 followers. meanwhile officials at the bronx zoo say they are confident the snake hasn't gone far. no word on how it escaped. before we go, "the fox report's" top five stuff of the day. number five, a texas prosecutor says willie nelson can avoid jail if he pay as fine for pot possession and if he sings for the court. number four, slugger jason ji
7:59 pm
appleby testifying that he got steroids from barry bonds' personal trainer. number three the maker of tylenol recall due to a musty odor in certain bottles. number two: libyan troops pushing back rebel fighters from the hometown of muammar qaddafi. and number one, the fbi investigating after a pilot found a possible bullet hole in a u.s. airlines jet and that's "the fox report's" top five. on this day in 1973, the vietnam war effectively came to an end when the last u.s. combat troops left south vietnam. u.s. forces had been in the region for more than a decade. first as so-called military advisors. wasn't a war. but by 1965, our presence in the country had skyrocketed. at the war's peek more than half a million u.s. troops were on the ground in south arab sexual harassment conducted the largest bombing campaign in history. back on the home

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